SPO-WLAUNCH Water Balloon Launcher Double Station


Get ready to get soaked in the new Inflatable Water Launcher Game! Two teams of two combat against each other, slingshotting water balloons across the inflatable frame at each other! The result is the team on the opposing side getting pelted with high-speed water balloon explosions! Great rentals, EVERYONE is going to want a turn slinging balloons!

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Team up with a friend, man your battle stations and prepare to get soaked! Introducing the Inflatable 2 on 2 Water Launcher Game! Two players per team take charge of each side of this ginormous inflatable frame that is equipped with two giant slingshots. The players load water balloons into the slingshot, pull back with all their body weight and release. The result is the team on the opposing side getting pelted with high speed water balloon explosions! It’s as fun to watch as it is to play!

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Additional information


Length: 13'3 Width: 40' Height: 12'


Ships in: 1 Bag(s)
Installers: 1 (Estimated)
Operators: 1 (Required)
Occupancy: 5 Patron(s)
Patron Height (Min): 36", 1.07m
Patron Height (Max): 76", 1.93m
Max Occupancy Weight (Total): 600 lbs. (120 lbs ea.)
Blowers Required: 1 (1.5 HP) included unless otherwise indicated.


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