SPO-SSA/SSK – Commercial Sumo Suits with Mat

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Suit up in these foam-filled Sumo Suit and get ready to rumble! These commercial sumo suits for sale are heavily padded inside to give you the experience of a real 300 lb sumo wrestler. This package comes complete with the chonmage hairstyle helmets, the padded suits with mawashi belt, oversized hand mitts, and 15’ diameter wrestling mat.

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Get inside our Sumo Suits and get ready for the funniest style of wrestling known to man. These are foam-filled Sumo Costume suits, complete with items like the Sumo-style Wig Helmets designed for safety, and the Miwashi belt (A.K.A. = Diaper). Half the fun is looking like a 300 pound sumo wrestler. Here’s the rules. Both contestants take off their shoes, don the sumo wrestling suits and wig helmets, and take their place at opposite sides of the sumo wrestling mat. At the direction of the game supervisor, the two sumo wrestlers face-off for the sumo challenge. The contestants try to push, pull, knock-over or wrestle the other sumo opponent off the wrestling mat. Most the time, the sumo wrestlers just have fun bumping and throwing their huge, fat sumo-bodies into each other with laughter and cheers from the sumo crowd. Audiences have as much fun watching as do the participants, making this a great rental for any party. Call us today to reserve this popular item before it’s booked by someone else. Hire us for a 4 hour time of fun, or customize your event rental when you call us.

We use industrial grade foam suits instead of inflatable sumo suits because of manufacturers years of experience that foam suits are superior in participant safety. Foam sumo suits are also easier to put on, and take off; making this interactive game have a much higher turnover rate of players. These suits are surprisingly light weight, and are a one-size-fits-all for both adults and children.

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Additional information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 15 in

Sumo Suit kids 9-12years old, Sumo Suit Adults 14years & up


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